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Golden Conifer Functions Venue

Golden Conifer Functions Venue has an exceptional modern atmosphere, with its raw natural beauty, yet close proximity to town makes it the ideal setting for any function safe and secure from the hussles of the city center.

About Us

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Who We Are

Welcome to the future of event hosting! Golden Conifer (GC) is a contemporary Event Hosting venue which has brought a new breath of fresh air in the event hosting market.A safe haven perfectly and conveniently located in the quite suburb of Strathaven just 6km away from the hustle and bustle of Harare city Centre. This venue ushers you into a peaceful serene yet contemporary garden with conifers at every turn offering an ideal setting where tranquility, romance and luxury meet to make any special celebration truly memorable.

This award-winning venue is open to an array of events including corporate events, conferences, parties, expos but weddings are the forte for Golden Conifer (GC). Distinct quality, Great experiences, hilarious moments are made all the time in style and grace at Golden Conifer. Every day is Friday at GC!

The combination of unique skills by Team members, the solid glass house, the wide range of crispy linen, contemporary furniture, clean cutlery and crockery, latest blings, clean restrooms and scaped gardens will definately make the host look good in front the guests.

Our Vision

To be the leader in Event Hosting in the market we serve.

Our Objectives

To produce the same quality results, every time which ultimately has a positive impact on our bottom line. To justly compensate employees, shareholders of Golden Conifer.


Deliver consistent quality service to all our clients.

In an ever changing, fast-paced world, success is determined by good choices for lasting effects. GC strives to ease event planning for its clients through consistent, predictable professionalism. GC will ensure a worry and hassle-free event at a reasonable price.

Keeping in time with the needs of the market, utilizing the latest technology and trends, combining old fashioned values, going the extra mile, and paying attention to detail all while ensuring the client receives the individual attention they deserve.

GC will strive to provide a professional working environment to its employees, and rewarding innovation.

Our Core Values

- Professionalism and Quality
- Commitment, Transparency and Efficiency
- Social and Environmental Responsibility

Client Portfolio

This include various Families, Private and Public companies, some of them being:
- Old Mutual
- Econet
- Various Embassies
- Population Services International
- First Mutual Life

Wedding Venue

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Wedding Venue

As one of Zimbabwe's award winning venues, Golden Conifer has embraced the all in one Wedding Venue concept, which is trending the world over by offering a one stop shop.

The venue continues to add innovative elements to this concept from time to time. Given the stress that inevitably comes with planning a wedding, Golden Conifer has in house coordinators to ensure that all weddings will unfold seamlessly allowing every bride to have their unforgettable day for all the right reasons.




Functions Venue

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Functions Venue

Golden Conifer is synonymous with highly successful Parties, Conferences, Corporate Events and top of range outside catering. Its reputation has grown by word of mouth not only by the delicious food but also for style and consistently high quality service.

The terms and conditions have been set out to ensure all guests enjoy a safe and relaxing time whilst enjoying the glamorous views at Golden Conifer. Look no further than Golden Conifer if you are thinking of having a memorial event.

Corporate Venue

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Corporate Functions Venue

Golden Conifer is synonymous with highly successful Corporate Events and top of range outside catering and decor. Its reputation has grown by word of mouth not only by the delicious food but also for style and consistently high quality service.

The terms and conditions have been set out to ensure all guests enjoy a safe and relaxing time whilst enjoying the glamorous views at Golden Conifer.

Services Offered

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Decor Services

We have a dedicated team of inventive decorators who strive to create glamorous creations through their innovative décor.

Services Offered

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Catering Services

At Golden Conifer, we offer catering facilities for any event. We have a variety of delightful menus to select from for your event and our teams ensure that every meal is prepared to the highest standard.


- What Clients Say About Us -

Taurai & Vimbai

August Wedding

"The service was superb so to speak. We couldn't get a chance to have a mini décor before the wedding but what we saw on the wedding eve was just marvellous. Thumbs up to Golden Conifer Team".

Tonderai & Sarah

October Wedding

"Truly you guys rocked my day. The catering team was awesome. Everyone enjoyed the food and your staff was very nice to my guests. So far everyone who attended my wedding won't stop complimenting. I was satisfied with the job. Well done. The décor was out of this world. I loved it. The aisle was unique, I loved it."

Isaac & Belinda

July Wedding

"My journey working with Mai Muchaka and Chipo planning my wedding was great. They have got a great service and they deliver one's expectations. They are very professional and they worked hard to make our wedding the best."


- Golden Conifer Functions Venue -

What's in A Wedding
Table Set Up?

One striking feature at any wedding has got to be the table setup. Getting this right can give your wedding the feel you have always fantasized your wedding to have and create the kind of ambience you want for your guests. Typical weddings in Zimbabwe have 300+ guests and most of them have table setups that have become common is the layout of round or oblong tables, usually fitting a maximum of ten people.

Gone are the days when guests would sit in theatre fashion and tables would just be reserved for the high table and very few VIP guests. Now when planning a wedding there is so much attention paid to each table to ensure that the table comes out looking exquisite. Let’s look at the different aspects of the wedding table setup that are considered today.

The Centre Piece

This is basically what you decide to put at the centre of your table. There are plentiful ideas of centre pieces that anyone can come up with. Some prefer to keep it simple with fresh and neatly arranged posies or even candles. Now, there are even artificial ones that give the same striking effect when placed on vases or the table. Others, though, prefer to go with more elaborate centre pieces that are usually brought out by the use of mirrors, personalized ornaments , long or large vases and flower or twig arrangements.

The Glassware

Placing glassware on your tables gives an elegant look to your wedding reception setup and does not make your table look plain. Popular trends emphasizes on the use of theme coloured napkins folded in stylish ways and placed on charger plates If you do not want your table to look plain and boring, then consider incorporating this in your table setting – Water glasses, Champaign Glasses, Wine Glasses – whichever fits your budget.

The Linen

These days there are just so many options to choose from when it comes to linen especially on the colours and textures. The linen becomes the base of your table design as you try to blend everything else with it. Whatever your options are on linen it good that you it’s neatly pressed and clean. Torn and dirty linen will come out tacky and gives the wrong signals to your guests.

The Cutlery

Like glassware, the cutlery that’s placed on a table will give a sophisticated look and feel to your table setting. Choosing not to place cutlery on the table results in a plain setup but shiny, stainless steel cutlery will surely add dazzle to your décor. If you are therefore going to be using stainless steel cutlery at your wedding, place it on the tables, not at the serving points.

The Crockery

Also referred to as Chinaware, crockery is another very important element of your table setting. However, you will find that at most weddings, the actual china plate where food will be plated is not included on the table. This is because the food will be brought to the guests or plates will be picked at the food points. Instead, of leaving it bare and plain, there is a trend now of placing charger/under plates also known as base plates of which the plated meal will be placed over this at the time of serving. Normally silver, clear, gold or black, under plates add formal elegance to any table setting.

The Favours

Giving a token of gratitude to guests is a tradition that goes way back and has been adopted locally at most weddings over the years. Favours can be cakes, chocolate, sweets, almonds etc. Some people choose to take it a step further and personalize them with their guest names. Favours aren’t really a must so don’t worry if you don’t have any for your guests. But they will add to the detail on your table setting in a beautiful way and are truly an intimate way of appreciating guests who grace your special day.

The Menu

Adding menu cards to your table setting gives it a stylish look whilst at the same time letting your guests know what you have available for them to eat. It’s also (most of the times) kept as a memento from your wedding to remind of your joyous celebration. So if you don’t mind letting your guests in on what they are going to be eating, get creative and have a menu designed.


We love weddings. Who doesn't? Different people look forward to different things at every wedding. Some love the ceremony and others just can't wait for the reception to start. There is that space between these two segments of almost every wedding. You know when the bridal team and their closest relatives go and get their photos taken? Yes...that time. What is planned for the rest of the 500 guests during this time?

It's beginning to trend locally and abroad that the couple caters for and entertains guests with some cocktail drinks and snacks during this period. It is a really incredible way to, not only wow your guests,but also create a relaxed atmosphere for them to interact and also take their own photos at your venue of choice. That way, they may not even realise you were gone (if you had gone for photos that is).


1. One-Stop Shop

People’s lives have become more and more busy and not everyone can afford to invest time and money in a wedding planner. This is the reason why more and more couples are looking for venues that can provide most of the wedding must-haves in their packages i.e. the décor, catering and sometimes even the sound and photography. Venues that can provide most of this now tend to be more attractive as they ease off the burden associated with planning and coordinating a wedding.

2. Garden

The days of leaving the wedding venue following the ceremony to get photos taken at some lush gardens elsewhere are slowly approaching their end. Venues posing beautiful gardens and water features are attracting more and more hopeful romantics to them every day. There is now an increase in the number of couples preferring to have their photos taken at the venue where their wedding is taking place with many pointing out that it saves them headaches of logistics planning involved with having to go to a separate location for photos.

3. Security

No one wants their guests to have bad memories of a wedding where their property was stolen. That is why security remains to be of utmost concern to couples planning weddings. As much as guests are warned to keep their valuables safe, it is comforting to know that there is someone watching guest valuable property, like cars, for any break in or damage. Other couples want security in place to ward off any gate crashers who might just be looking for good food and a good party. Some venues offer security as part of their wedding package whilst others will give you an option to bring in your own.

4. Changing Rooms

Changing rooms indeed have become a hot new trend at most wedding venues and these keep evolving with the passing of years. The bridal party has a very hectic job of entertaining guests and it’s now common phenomenon that bridal parties change two or even three times at a wedding. So who doesn’t want a bit of pampering and VIP treatment as they work through the wedding day? Thus the changing rooms trend – with most set up with comfortable couches, spacious toilets to easily manage the bulky wedding dresses in and some venues even put some complimentary wine and snacks.

5. Parking

Couples want to be assured that their guests have somewhere safe and appropriate to park their cars. Unless the venue is in the city centre, guests should not worry about worry about having to pay for their parking but if this is the case, it’s always best to make it known in advance as many will not be expecting to. Some venues have designated, paved parking areas whilst others have grounds where they allow parking of cars. Whichever is the case, couples want to ensure they don’t make it difficult for their guests to move in and out of the venue at any particular point in time.

6. Shelter

“What if it rains?” For outdoor wedding fanatics, this is a common question if the wedding is taking place during the rainy season. Where there is a possibility of either rain or sunshine, it’s more comfortable going through the day knowing there is a contingent plan should the wet spell be cast upon the couple’s special day.

7. Backup Power Supply

If you are living in Zimbabwe, this one is a no brainer. Nobody wants their wedding to go silent after a power cut. Couples are looking for backup power supply options to ensure that in the unfortunate case of a power cut, the celebrations can be kicked back to like in a matter of minutes (of even seconds!)

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